Sir Walter de Berkley

Anglo-Northumbrian Knight in the service of Uchtred


Sir Walter de Berkeley (age 35), lord of Urr in Desnes Ioan, is also Chamberlain to William the Lion and father-in-law to Uchtred mac Fergusa by virtue of his marriage to Eve of Galloway in 1166. Together they have three young children: John, age 3, Jean, age 2, and Agnes, Age 1.

He holds a large piece of land west at Urr, Blaiket, Edingham, Richorn, part of Kirkgunzeon, and part of Lochrutton. Walter is probably the only knight who owes his possessions in Galloway to his relationship with the King of Scotland. He is rarely at home, however, and his great motte at Urr is tended by others. Officials of Scotland often stop here as it is a friendly place for them on the borders of the less receptive lands of Galloway proper. Sir Walter has many other lands, both in Cumberland, Gloucestershire, and in Scotland, where he is the Lord of Redcastle in the parish of Inverkeillor in Aonghais. His duties as Chamberlain to William of Scotland keep him often outside of Galloway.

Sir Walter de Berkley

The Chronicle of Ken Muir Thalaba