Uchtred mac Fergusa

Lord of Eastern Galloway


Uchtred, age 51, has been the Lord of Eastern Galloway since 1161 when his father, Fergus, was forced into retirement by King Mael Cluim IV of Scotland. He rules the lands of Glenken, Desnes Mor and Desnes Ioan. He is the younger, but legitimate, son of the late Fergus of Galloway and is married to Gunhulda of Allerdale, daughter of Waltheof of Allerdale, a prominent Cumbrian lord. Lochlann filius Uchtred and Waltheof mac Uchtred are his sons, and Eve of Galloway his daughter. He also holds lands in Torpenhow, Cumbria, through his wife. Uchtred was fostered in the court of David I and is sympathetic to the Scots. He has adopted their practice of settling the land with Anglo-Norman knights which upsets some of the local, traditional Gaelic landholders, and particularly his brother Gille Brigte mac Fergusa, lord of Western Galloway. However most of these knights are settled in Desnes Ioan, which is Scottish territory held in feu by Uchtred, or on land that became vacant. Most of the land under his control is still held by local, traditional kinship groups, and most of these are loyal to him.

Uchtred has granted the lands of Ken Muir to the Thomas fitz Roy, Raderic mac Gillolaine, and Medigas of Florence in exchange an annual rent and one ‘mage service’, the terms for which have not exactly been hammered out yet.

The following Anglo and Norman knights hold land in service to Uchtred:
Sir Walter de Berkley, lord of Urr
Sir Gospatrick fitz Orm of Workington, lord of Culwen
Sir Richard fitz Troite, lord of Lochendeloch
Sir Hugh de Morville of Borg, lord of Borg
Sir David fitz Terrus of Over-Denton, lord of Anewith

The following people might be found in Uchtred’s court at Castle Fergus, near Kirkcudbright:
Gillemore Albanach ‘The Scot’, warden of Eastern Galloway in the service of King William of Scotland.
Gillechrist mac Gilwinin
Gillecatfar Uchtred’s forster brother and chamberlain
Gylbycht mac Malene who holds land in Glen Ken
Gilbothyn mac Gillespoc holds land in the Botel area.
Uchtred mac Douall and his son Fergus mac Uchtred who hold the land of Twignam.
Brother Fearchar, a black canon who is Uchtred’s chancellor and confessor.
Alexander Crokeshank, master of Uchtred’s hounds.
Nicol Dorward, master of the gate at Castle Fergus.
Maccus Greve, Uchtred’s steward.

Uchtred mac Fergusa

The Chronicle of Ken Muir Thalaba