Brother Tancredus

Monk and ordained priest in the care of the Church of St. Lasar near Bogue


Brother Tancredus is a monk and ordained priest of the ancient Columban order. He has been assigned by the Abbot of Iona to care for the Church of St. Lasar near the vills of Bogue and Dalri in the Glen Ken deanery of Galloway. He is assisted by Brother Noilus who, though simple, is probably his only friend.

Tancredus appears to be a compassionate and sensitive individual, though can be pompous at times when it comes to the subject of learning and books. In particular, he likes to discuss his travels to Constantinople and the subject of philosophy.

Tancredus is torn in his practice between the teachings of Iona, of which community he is a memeber, and those of the roman church espoused by Christian, the Bishop of Galloway. His parishioners are likewise confused and the uncertainty over the protocol of the Easter celebrations (the dates for which are calculated differently by the Columban Church that they are by the Roman Church).

Brother Tancredus

The Chronicle of Ken Muir Thalaba