Rath mac Suibhne

Harper of Thomas fitz Gospatrick


Harper employed by Thomas fitz Gospatrick to play at Culwen. The two had a rocky relationship. When Sir Gospatrick fitz Orm of Workington and Uchtred mac Fergusa were visiting the lands of Culwen, Thomas and Rath had an argument about the depth of a cave. The two went in together to investigate it and disappeared. In the Adventure of the Piper’s Cove, Medigas of Florence was summoned by Uchtred to locate Sir Thomas and bring him home.

The mysterious harper, Rath mac Suibhne, turned out to be none other than a capricious fairy named Grace who seemed to live in a large cavern under the lands of Culwen with several picts and sprites. One entrance into his abode is through the Piper’s Cove, though not everyone seems to be able to enter that way.

Rath mac Suibhne

The Chronicle of Ken Muir Thalaba