Raibert Caird

Scottish Tinkler and Trader


Raibert Caird (32) is a Scottish tinkler and trader based in kirkcudbright. He is a small-time operator and, unlike some of the more accomplished merchants of Kirkcudbright (Bernard le Fleming or Martin Brebner, for instance) normally only carries as much as a mule or two can hold on their backs. He owns no ships and stores his good in no warehouse other than this home. His goods usually consist of an odd assortment of curios, and occasionally he has just the type of curio that a mage might be interested in.

Raibert would keenly like to build his fortunes and is always looking for capital. As such, he has something of a reputation for being the type to perform any service for a silver merk.

Raibert Caird

The Chronicle of Ken Muir Thalaba