Gille Brigte mac Fergusa

Lord of Western Galloway


Gille Brigte mac Fergusa, Lord of Western Galloway since 1161, rules the lands of Farines, Rhinns, and Charaig. He is the older son of Fergus, though not seen a legitimate in the eyes of the Church or those who sympathize with Norman ways. Gille Brigte identifies more strongly with the Gaels and has no respect for the Norman way of doing things. As such the two sons of Fergus have very different outlooks and policies.

Gille Brigte and his brother Uchtred mac Fergusa are not on good terms with each other. They have been at each other’s throats for years. Each son feels he should have sole control over the Kingdom of Galloway. Uchtred believes what his Norman friends and the bishop have told him, that he should rule because he is the legitimate son. Gille Brigte feels that the rule is his by right of being the oldest. He is a gaelic king, and the gaels by tradition honour the rights of bastard sons. He doesn’t agree with how Uchtred is handing off parts of their shared patrimony to the Anglo-Normans.

Gille Brigte is not married, but does have one son, Mael Coluim mac Gillebrigte.

Gille Brigte mac Fergusa

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