Bodach mac Beitha

Galwegian Hedge Wizard


This hedge wizard first makes his appearance at the end of the Peadar and the wolf (part 2) adventure. He is an old and cranky wizard of unknown talents, but clains that his magic comes from the heart and not from books. He also claims that he knew the master of Raderic mac Gillolaine and cursed him for a fool for approaching the order of Hermes.
He advises the young Raderic that he must choose between the old ways and the new, and cannot sit on the fence between the two. He also warned that picking the side of the new may allow one to be on the winning side, but that one may not like what winning looks like afterward.

He was disdainful of Thomas and Medigas as both foreigners and practitioners of the roman magical tradition.

He offered the covenant the herb Wolf’s Bane in exchange for some of their mandrake roots.

Bodach is an old man who walks with a cane. He had a rather shapeless hat and a black thrush perched on his shoulder.

Bodach mac Beitha

The Chronicle of Ken Muir Thalaba