SEASON: Spring

Medigas of Florence √Čovan Auditore da Firenze Corwynn mac Murchan
Raderic mac Gillolaine Brother Erlend Svensson Angus mac Angus
Thomas fitz Roy William of Furness Lunk
Ranyart Finn Domhnail mac Donchadh
COVENFOLK Gillespic mac Donchadh
Pol, a pig-keeper Fergus mac Donchadh
Peadar, a shepherd boy Beitris nic Tormod
Guillaume de Rouen
Watch: -3 Defense: -1 Contacts: -1 Aura: +3
Grogs: 15 current, 30 max Discipline: 0 Loyalty: 0 Morale: 0

Ken Muir is located on the marshy north-western shore of Loch Ken in the district of Glen Ken and within the Lordship of Galloway. The heart of the covenant is built on a motte which was built around an existing rocky outcrop. This work was partly carried out by human labour and partly by the use of earth-moving magic. Below the motte is a raised bailey wherein live the grogs and key covenfolk. The remainder of the covenfolk live outside the ramparts of the bailey. The motte and bailey together lie inside a dense forest with magical properties. The forest has a tendency to shift, turning interlopers around leaving them lost. To the south and east this enchanted wood becomes boggy and the ground eventually turns to marshland as one approaches the loch. To the west the ground rises toward the hills which form the Rhinns of Kelles. These slopes are covered by with the dense Galloway forest in the low lying areas. The higher slopes are bare and grassy. The Knocknairling Burn flows from the northwest into Loch Ken several hundred yards south of the covenant.
Link: The site of Ken Muir today

Size: Small – room only for 30 grogs and the magi.
Defensibility: Standard – partially pallisaded but with a wet moat.
Integrity: Improved – such defences as exist are professionally designed and constructed.
Grogs: Poorly trained – most are recent recruits of young locals or Italian thugs.
Other Defensive Aspects: Surrounded by a magical forest that helps keep people away.

The covenant consists of a small motte, part natural and part man-made. The motte was first enlarged by Uchtred who wished to build a fortress here for himself because of the strategic location both on the Ken and close to the Edinburgh road. The project was stalled, however, because of the difficulty posed by the magical forest. When the magi then obtained the use of the property, they completed the motte and constructed the earthen platform and rampart of the bailey.

The motte is steep sided all the way around and surrounded by a wet ditch. It is surmounted by a stout wooden tower built over a stone-vaulted ground floor. The tower is large enough to house the living quarters of the magi Thomas and Raderic, as well as a hall/meeting chamber. The tower’s roof, where a watch is kept over the surrounding landscape (such as the close-growing trees will allow), is accessed by a ladder. The ground floor contains three small labs. Medigas’ chamber lies underground, beneath the labs, where he can remain close to the earth. The flat top of the motte is surrounded by a wooden palisade. A set of raised wooden steps and a drawbridge lead down to the bailey below.

The bailey is surrounded by an earthen rampart. There is no palisade as of yet, but one is in the process of being built. The bailey contains the barracks, laigh hall (with two spartan guest-rooms located in a loft over one end), kitchen, outdoor smithy, carpenter’s shop, root cellar, well, and the vegetable gardens.

Away to the west Brother Erlend Svensson is permitted to maintain a small chapel for the coven-folk. In this direction also lies the entrance to an irregular (and difficult to navigate) cave complex.


Church: No special relations. Brother Erlend, a Culdee Monk, is a loyal friend, but his status within the greater Church is questionable at best.

Nobility: Ken Muir has a working relationship with Lord Uchtred, by whose grace they may use the land, but the relationship is not strong. Uchtred suspects the Magi might be useful to him, but doesn’t trust them entirely and keeps them at arm’s length. He has allowed the covenant to form on his land in part so that he can keep an eye on them and in part because he would prefer they are beholden to him, rather than his brother and rival, Gille Brigte. The only other noble they have had relations with is Gille Brigte, lord of the western part of Galloway, who holds a(n as yet unspecified) grudge against the covenant.

Order of Hermes: The Covenant of Ken Muir has a questionable status within the order. The Caledonian Tribunal (which covers Britain north of Hadrian’s Wall) may not yet even be aware that Ken Muir covenant exists. Ken Muir sits on the fringe of the tribunal, which in itself lies on the fringe of the order of Hermes.

Other: The covenant has a friendly merchant contact located in one of the trading ports of Normandy (to be specified). They also have friendly relations with the local peasants, largely because Raderic has fostered their friendship over the years. This covenant has little contact with the outside world and only receives basic information, and even that usually only after it is already a little stale.


Covenfolk: Functional and able to keep the place running. One specialist – a carpenter who is building the defenses.

Labs: Well equipped. +1 to Lab totals.

Aegis of the Hearth: +15 (average)

Raw Vis Available:
4 Terram vis from moisture which drips from stalactites located in the caves.
3 Intellego vis from mushrooms which grow on the forest floor above the caves.
3 Corporem vis from mandrake roots which grow in the bog to the south.

Cr: 8 An: 6 Ig: 5
In: 13 Aq: 11 Im: 11
Mu: 8 Au: 6 Me: 10
Pe: 7 Co: 7 Te: 9
Re: 12 He: 11 Vi: 9

Spell Books:
DE SPIRITUS (brought to the covenant by Thomas fitz Roy
Charm vs. putrfaction
Whispers through the black gate
Dust to dust
Awaken the slumbering corpse
Vision of the haunting spirit
Lay to rest the haunting spirit
Coerce the haunting spirit

(Two others to be determined)

Mundane Library:
Medicine (1)
Faerie Lore (3)
Craft (Engineering) (2)


This covenant was built using the Ars Magica 2nd Edition Covenants supplement published by Lion Rampant in 1990.

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