Tales of Galloway


Written by Alan Temperley
Published 1992 by Mainstream Publishing Company, Edinburgh
© 1979 by Alan Temperley
Illustrated by pupils of the Kirkcudbright Academy

This is the primary source for the folktales of region that will infuse our campaign with magic. The back cover says it all:
In this collection of tales from the land of Galloway, Alan Temperly pays tribute to the great Scottish tradition of storytelling. Heroes, ghosts and smugglers; witches, martyrs, mermaids and fairies; outlaws, monsters and colorful rogues run wild through these pages. Their stories reflect the magic of some of the most beautiful and dramatic countryside in Britain. Originally told in crofts and rural cottages, they grew naturally out of the rich past and the land and the lives of the people – wonderful stories. And they are still as alive today as when they were first heard.

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Tales of Galloway

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