Piper's Cove

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The Piper’s Cove is both a cove and a cave on the coast of the lands of Culwen in Desnes Ioan, Galloway. Highways and Byways in Galloway and Carrick records that a bag-piper went in to explore the cave and found it nearly four-miles deep before his pipes stopped and the piper was never seen again. The actual depth of the cave, records the author Reverend Dick, is only 120 yards. This cove inspired the adventure The Piper’s Cove.

Note that in Galloway, the word ‘cove’ can refer to either a ‘cove’ or a ‘cave’, and quite often the two are found together, as is the case at the Piper’s Cove.

This map from the late 1800’s shows the location of the Piper’s Cove. The motte of Culwen lies to the west, while St. Laurence’s Chapel lies to the north.

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Piper's Cove

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