Galloway Gossip

Written by Maria Trotter (maybe)
Edited by Saxon (maybe)
Published by Robert Trotter, Chippington, Northumberland
Printed by George Richardson, Machine Printer, West End Bedlington, 1877

Some sources list this book as written by ‘anonymous’.

A very quirky and interesting book indeed. The full title is Galloway Gossip Sixty Years Ago (Wigtonshire): Being a series of articles illustrative of the manners, customs, and peculiarities of the aboriginal picts of Galloway. This is a series of stories, reminiscences, and opinions pertaining principally to Wigtownshire (that is, Farines and Rhinns of our campaign). A companion book is promised for The Stewartry (Desnes and Glenken) but so far I haven’t seen any evidence of it having been produced.

I’m not sure I can write a description to do it justice – skim it for yourself. It’s avaialable as a free book from Google Books. The first entries talk about the fashion for wearing clogs (except in the Rhinns, where people go barefoot for being overproud to wear them. This is followed by a sesction on ‘gutterals’ where the author claims that neither the English nor the Scots can pronounce diphthongs the was Galwegians can. Then in talk about farmers of the old days, then recites the story of Geordy Dalrymple. And on. It was here I learned about Fingauls, Kreenies, and Gossocks, and that Uthred was still a popular name in 1800’s Galloway. Fascinating. There must be over 200 articles. Check it out.

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Galloway Gossip

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