Castle Fergus

Castle Fergus is located on a hillside above Kirkcudbright, less than an hour’s walk from the toun. It is a motte and bailey style castle built principally on a pair of islands, known locally as ‘Palace Isle’ and ‘Stable Isle’, in the middle of Loch Fergus. Both the castle and the loch are named for Fergus of Galloway, the founder of the kingdom and father of both Uchtred mac Fergusa and Gille Brigte mac Fergusa. There is a causeway and drawbridge on the east side that leads to Palace Isle, and another bridge to reach Stable Isle.

Castle Fergus is the home of Uchtred mac Fergusa and Gunhulda of Allerdale, as well as their sons Lochlann filius Uchtred and Waltheof mac Uchtred.

The following people might be found in Uchtred’s court at Castle Fergus:
Gillemore Albanach ‘The Scot’, warden of Eastern Galloway in the service of King William of Scotland.
Gillechrist mac Gilwinin, a gaelic lord in the service of Uchtred.
Gillecatfar Uchtred’s forster brother and chamberlain.
Gylbycht mac Malene, a gaelic lord who holds land in Glen Ken.
Gilbothyn mac Gillespoc a gaelic lord who holds land in the Botel area.
Uchtred mac Douall and his son Fergus mac Uchtred who hold the land of Twignam.
Brother Fearchar, a black canon who is Uchtred’s chancellor and confessor.
Alexander Crokeshank, master of Uchtred’s hounds.
Nicol Dorward, master of the gate at Castle Fergus.
Maccus Greve, Uchtred’s steward.

This map from the late 1800’s shows the vicinity of Loch Fergus and the remains of the two islands. To the left, down the hill, can be seen the remains of St. Cuthbert’s Church which dates from the 8th century. Kirkcudbright itself (not shown on this view) lies to the west about twice a far as the church and can be seen by panning to the left.

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Castle Fergus

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