A vill located in the parish of Dalri, dearnery of Glen Ken in eastern Galloway. It lost several villagers to a pox in the winter of 1171. The finding of the mutilated body of a pox-ridden girl on the banks of the river Ken near the Ken Muir Covenant led Thomas fitz Roy, Brother Erlend Svensson, and Corwynn mac Murchan the grog here to investigate on March 25 of that year.

The Church of St. Lasar is located nearby. Due to a ritual somewhat unwittingly performed by Brother Tancredus the church has lost its consecration to God and now has an infernal aura. This fact has not yet been brought to the attention of any authorities.

Historical Note: Bogue is now only a farm and the church is long gone. This map from the late 1800’s shows the location of the vill of bogue and the ancient churchyard to the northwest of the vill. To the east is a hill called Court Knowe which may have been the location of the gallows hill.

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The Chronicle of Ken Muir Thalaba