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  • Thomas fitz Roy

    Thomas fitz Roy is illegitimate son of the late Roy de Morville, son of Simon de Morville. His Uncle is Hugh de Morville of Borg, who is one of Uchtred of Galloway's landed knights. It is through this connection that the three mages were able to secure …

  • Guillaume de Rouen

    Guillaume was one of Hugh de Morville's men. One day he was enjoying spending the embrace of a scullery maid - the next thing he knows William has dragged him off to this godforsaken place.

  • Sir Hugh de Morville of Borg

    Hugh de Morville, lord of Borgue in Desnes Mor (Son of Simon de Morville of Burgh-by-sands, Nephew of Hugh de Morville of Cunningham and Constable of Scotland, and cousin of [[:hugh-de-morville-of-westmorland]]). He has recently granted the keep of his …